Care guide

If you follow the basic care instructions, you can be ensured of long-lasting prints.

#1 RULE:

DO NOT Hot Wash! Max 40°C

Here at Screenlab we run in-house wash tests on our prints anytime we make a change in our printing procedure or products. In doing so, we have achieved in excess of 50+ washes before any signs of cracking or deterioration. So yes we can puff our chests out in confidence knowing that you have a product that will exceed industry standard expectations.  

A couple other things to note;

  • Washing in hot water will certainly damage your print. So whatever you do, DO NOT hot wash!
  • Cold wash inside out
  • Don’t take the rule of No Tumble Dry lightly
  • Hang in shade
  • Don’t iron over print

Sometimes SHIrT still happens and not everything may come together perfectly every time. However, if you feel your garment/print has not fulfilled expectations, please get in touch and we would be happy to help. 

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