Care Guide

Check out the below infographic we’ve put together with the basic rules of thumb when it comes to washing pretty much all kinds of printed apparel.

If you follow the basic care instructions, you can be ensured of long-lasting prints. 

Here at Screenlab we run in house wash tests on our prints anytime we make a change in our printing procedure or products. In doing so, we have achieved in excess of 50+ washes before any signs of cracking or deterioration. So yes we can puff our chests out in confidence knowing that you have a product that will exceed industry standard expectations.  

A couple other things to note;

  • DTG prints onto WHITE garments are expected to lose around 10-20% colour vibrancy upon first wash. 
  • Don’t take the rule of No Tumble Dry lightly

Notice we never used the word ‘guarantee’? Not that you were meant to, just thought it was a good way to let you know that a lot of variables affect the outcome of a custom printed garment. Fabric blend, type of ink, curing time, chemicals & gasses (Yep! There’s a science to this, believe it or not).
So what we’re trying to say is, sometimes SHIrT still happens and not everything may come together perfectly every time. However if you feel your garment/print has not fulfilled expectations, please get in touch and we would be happy to help. 

Here’s the link to our DTG & Screen Printing information and comparison page which we recommend you check out also.

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