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Sell custom gym apparel to your members effortlessly with no wasted inventory, hassle or risk.

Creating a design, organising pre-orders, tracking down members for money, and getting stuck with inventory.. what a headache. Sound familiar?

Screenlab for Gym Owners was created out of the realisation that the traditional ordering & printing process was just frustrating for everyone. So we got thinking of how we can help provide a solution that could be simple for the consumer, be organised for us and most importantly, save yourself valuable time and money that you should be spending on your business, not organising merchandise (That's what we do!)
We Pay You

You aren’t pulling together money for an initial order. Orders are paid by members through the site. We’ll deliver the order and send you the profits.

Hassle Free

We collect product sizing and payments online. Never have to organise member payments & orders again.

Premium apparel

We can source wholesale garments from every major supplier in Australia, along with a variety of smaller boutique brands.

Easy distribution

Orders come individually packaged by customer name for easy distribution back at the gym or we can post them directly to your customer.

Scalable production

Sell sell sell as much as you can, we'll fulfill any volume of orders quickly and accurately.

Top quality screen prints

Our designers ensure that your artwork prints exactly how you intended, 100% guaranteed.

Mobile friendly reporting

Track sales and orders with our mobile-friendly seller dashboard and email alerts.

Smart profit margins

As your sales increase, so do your profits. We’ll pass any savings we get on to you. You don't pay us... we pay you!

Inspired by our Gym & Fitness clients out of necessity.

The pre-sale campaigns run for a predetermined amount of time, and when it’s over, we pull the numbers, print it, package it, ship it, and then to top it all off, we send you the profits.


1. Schedule Campaign

Lets get chatting. Our team will put together a package to best suit your needs and expectations. Just set the date and we’ll sort the rest.


2. Approve & Set Dates

Once we have an understanding of what you want, we can build the store, send samples out to you and send you a link to review and approve. We’ll then confirm all pricing and pre-sale deadlines, then before you know it… you’re selling.


3. Promote

Now it’s time to let your members & customers know to purchase your merch. Share the link via facebook, instagram, txt, email. Get it out there and make sure to remind them of the deadline so nobody misses out.


4. Receive the merch & profits

Once the pre-sale concludes, all orders will be produced and delivered within 10 business days from the deadline date. You will receive your final report and profits will be transferred to your nominated account within 7 business days.

How the no-risk “Pre-sale campaign” works

You set the start and end date of your pre-sale (we suggest at least 2 weeks). The store opens on the start date and closes 1-day after the end date (lets be honest, theres always going to be the stragglers that leave it to the last minute). Once the pre-sale concludes, we will produce your merch and fulfil orders by sending them directly to your member/customer or send them back to your gym for personal distribution.
And of course, we save the very best till last… you’ll have absolutely zero outlay throughout the whole process and we’ll send you the profits!

No - Hassle Packaging

We will individually fold and bag all orders with packing lists easily displayed for professional and organised distribution whether they are directly posted to your customer or whether you are handing them out back at the gym. 

Offer wider product selections

The ability to add a wider selection with no outlay. This gives you the opportunity to offer multiple colour schemes and multiple styles such as tanks, t-shirts or jumpers. A perfect way to drive more sales and get a better understanding of what your customers want. 

Increase Gym Profits

We live in a world of convenience powered by technology and what we have found is that you will sell more items by making it EASY for everyone.
All stores are custom built to include your branding and any information you would like include about your campaign. You will have a store that your members & customers can trust and will make purchasing a breeze.

For Gyms - Phone
Your own design team

Your merchandise becoming stale? With our in-house design team, you will be able to offer your members fresh new designs as frequent as you want. Our designers work with you to come up with new designs so that you can sell more merchandise, more often!

Printed samples to show your members

We know it’s sometimes hard to sell your merchandise without having a physical shirt to show them. Thats why with every campaign we set up, we will also send you a sample t-shirt to have in your gym so that members can see your new range available for sale. We will also send you a few blanks to keep for sizing!


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