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These Terms and Conditions apply to Trust Printshop and all associated affiliates or subsidiaries. Trust Printshop reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these Terms and Conditions at any time for any reason. It is the responsibility of the customer to check these Terms and Conditions for changes. Any continued patronage of Trust Printshop services following the posting of changes will indicate that you accept and agree to any changes made to these Terms and Conditions by Trust Printshop. By initiating the order process with Trust Printshop, you are agreeing to adhere to the following terms and conditions.

Order Finalization

An order is finalized when all four of the following issues have been addressed:

    1. Customer approval of the digital mockups.
    1. Customer approval of the pricing quote and order details.
    1. Official confirmation of the customer’s down-payment. (50% of the invoice total or the total cost of garments, whichever is higher.)
  1. If the garments are supplied by the customer, confirmation of their arrival date at Trust Printshop.

*Additional charges may apply when making changes to a finalized order

Art Regulations

Art Guidelines

Trust does not create artwork for customers. Trust requests that all customers provide the necessary digital art files for their print. The customer is responsible for creating the art and Trust is not responsible for generating or editing customer art. The customer is also responsible for the quality and resolution of the digital art. Trust reserves the right to deny printing services on the grounds of inadequate art quality or image resolution. Trust may decide to use an image that does not comply with the art guidelines, but Trust is not responsible for any negative outcomes caused by that art. Below are our guidelines for all digital art.

  • Raster File Types (.psd, .jpg, .tiff, .png, .gif, .bmp)
    • Digital art files must be at least 300ppi (pixels per inch).
    • The file’s dimensions must be set to the actual desired print size.
  • Vector File Types (.ai, .eps, .pdf, .cdr)
    • The file’s dimensions should be set to the actual desired print size, or the desired print size may be specified by the customer.
    • All Raster images placed within the Vector file must be embedded and must meet the Raster File Types guidelines.
    • All text must be converted to outlines.

Color Separations & Color Matching

The Trust Printshop art department has all decision making powers in regards to editing, separating, and printing the customer’s art with the goal of matching the print as closely as possible to the customer’s approved mockup. Such decisions may include, but are not limited to: making changes to the customer’s art, changing the original colors of the art, adding or removing an underbase, changing the ink type, and/or changing the amount of colors in a print. Trust is not required to inform the customer or seek approval of any change made in the interest of matching the approved mockup or improving the quality of the print, unless the change will affect the customer’s cost. The customer may make specific requests regarding their art such as specific pantone colors, specific print size, specific print placement, or a specific printing technique. Trust Printshop is not obligated to abide by customer’s requests and may refuse to comply to a request for any reason. Trust Printshop is not responsible for a failure to perfectly match a customer’s request. Trust will attempt to inform the customer if any of their requests may cause a problem, but by making a printing or art request, the customer is taking responsibility for any issues caused by that request.

Art Disclaimers

Trust Printshop prides itself in its high quality screen printing, but there are restrictions to the capability of screen printing in general. Trust does not guarantee the printing of any line, dot, negative space, or piece of art that takes up less than 3 pixels or is less than 3 pixels wide. Trust does not guarantee the printing or legibility of any text that is smaller than 6pt font. Trust will attempt to match all colors in the customer’s art, but Trust is not responsible for any color variance between the art, mockup, and print. Trust is limited by the Pantone Color Book, and colors can change drastically based on shirt color and various other factors. If a customer needs to ensure a specific outcome of a print, Trust offers sampling of designs. The customer can order a small run of a design, which will be exactly duplicated in a full run.

Digital Mockups

Trust Printshop delivers Digital Mockups to all customers. Digital Mockups are computer generated pieces of art designed to emulate how a customer’s print might look on the selected garment. These Digital Mockups are not exact representations of how a customer’s print will look when received, nor are they an exact representation of the customer’s blank. Trust is not responsible for any misunderstanding regarding Digital Mockups. All blank colors and ink colors in a Digital Mockup are merely estimations and Trust is not responsible for any discrepancy between the blank or ink colors in a mockup and the blank or ink colors in the finished product. The Trust Art Department hand-creates every Digital Mockup, attempting to anticipate how the art will react to the blank, printing process, and other colors. The Digital Mockups do not account for every possible printing issue, and Trust Printshop is not responsible for issues which are common to screen printing, but are not displayed in the Digital Mockup.

When a Digital Mockup is completed it will be sent to the customer for approval. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, the customer acknowledges that approval of a Digital Mockup is considered an official agreement with Trust Printshop. By approving the mockups, the customer accepts full liability for any issues with the art that are shown in the Digital Mockup. These issues include, but are not limited to: typos, misspellings, incorrect colors, missing information, discrepancies caused by seams, pockets, or zippers, clashing colors, incorrect placement, and incorrect sizing. Further changes may be made after the mockup has been approved by direct contact from the customer to Trust Printshop before production on the product has begun, but Trust is not responsible for anything that has happened to the order before the customer makes the changes, and the customer may incur further fees or costs for changes occurring after approval of the mockup to be determined at the sole discretion of Trust Printshop.

Trust Printshop is not permitted to move forward with an order until all Digital Mockups have been approved. If a customer fails to approve all Digital Mockups associated with the order, the order will be put on hold. All turnaround times, including guaranteed turnaround, are contingent on the customer’s approval of the mockup and only refer to the time between all Digital Mockups have been approved and when the order ships from Trust.

Digital Mockups are a free service provided by Trust for the convenience of the customer. If a customer is perceived to be abusing this free service, (e.g., asking for a large number of provisionary mockups with the intent of only using one of them, taking our mockups to other printers for reference, requesting excessive mockup revisions, etc.) Trust Printshop reserves the right to add extra costs or fees at the sole discretion of Trust Printshop. All pricing for Digital Mockups, including pricing for mockup revisions, may change at any time without notice at the sole discretion of Trust Printshop.

Digital Mockups represent the customer’s art on a specific garment size, (usually a Small unless that size is not available). If the order includes multiple sizes of garments, the art may look very different on larger shirt sizes. The art does not scale up with the shirt size, and any change in art size must be set aside as a separate design and priced accordingly. Additionally, garment size will vary from brand to brand and style to style; Trust is not responsible for any discrepancy in garment sizing or dimensions between the mockup and the final product. Trust is not responsible for any confusion regarding the sizing of a customer’s art on varying garment sizes.

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