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We deal with a range of other suppliers that may not been seen on our website such as Sportage, Gildan, RamoAussie Pacific, & more.

Ordering shirts outside of a previously made relationships is an epic hassle. Leave it to us to handle it.


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Benefits of purchasing shirts through us

Way, Way Easier for You: It’s a one stop shop experience. We’ve printed hundreds of thousands of shirts. The time and money you save is generally way more than you can imagine.

Guaranteed Quality: Large shirt manufacturers draw their products from tons of different warehouses. We can guarantee where shirts are coming from and know the quality you can expect.

Better Rates: Because of our order volumes, we have access to top tier wholesale rates that are unavailable to the general public. You can be comfortable that competitive prices are provided.

– Consistent Results: We’ve got to know the products we use over the years and the print results that we can expect to achieve on them. 


Hurdles in providing your own shirts:

– Shipping: Receiving, sending and re-receiving all packages is in your hands. The shipping costs end up piling up rather quickly.

– Quality Control: If you are new to the shirt industry, knowing how fabrics will respond to inks, wash and wear can be quite the science to learn. Screenlab is a team of experts who can anticipate the problems and secure an outcome.

– Time: Your time is valuable. Don’t let ordering shirts eat up time… that’s our job.

Need help? Ask us!

We work hard to provide a seamless online experience, however we also understand that sometimes you just want to pick up the phone to get the answers. We’re here to help! 8:30am – 4:30pm Monday to Friday

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(07) 5500 4474

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