Screen printing is a form of stenciling that first appeared in China and throughout Asia around the 12th century. Although advances in equipment and machinery have helped with quality and efficiency, the method and process of printing still remains. With technology now providing alternatives such as direct to garment (DTG/Digital) printing, traditional screen printing still remains as the king of quality, durability and affordability when it comes to garment and textile printing.   Screenlab – Screen Printing Gold Coast   works with equipment that is engineered and manufactured in Australia, so you know we have the right tools for the trade, while also sticking to traditional Screen Printing methods.

Screen printing is a process used mainly for larger runs and a minimum of 15 prints per design is required. It is ideal for creating promotional, tourist, retail, festival, community and club merchandise as it is affordable, great for large designs, durable and vibrant. We can print from 1 – 6 colours and full process CMYK (used for images such as photo’s that have multiple colours, shades or gradients). Please note that each colour is applied using a separate screen, so the more colours you have, the more expensive the screen print. Screenlab has no minimum order for screen printing, but it does have an economy of scale. The more you print of each design, the cheaper the unit price becomes. By being one of the small guys, we have the ability to provide you with a personal service that we like to think is what sets us apart from the rest. With every job, there are certain aspects we must consider (such as quantity and colour’s), which means we will always listen first in order to provide the most economical price that represents your needs. So before you go anywhere else, make sure to submit an online quote form or give the team at Screenlab a call. We also provide quality embroidery services, too!process-of-screen-printing-illustration-vector-graphics_template_1386069822156G4V

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