Due to the amount of variables that come into play when deciding final costings of screen printing jobs, we unfortunately do not have a down-loadable price guide to supply to the general public. However, we are always more than happy to provide hassle and obligation free quotes to anyone and everyone, so please find below our online quote form that gives us some of the essential information we need to provide you with an accurate quote.

We have developed the below form to help streamline the process from receiving your quote to you having your freshly printed shirts in your hand.


Please take the time to read the following information before beginning the form as we may be able to help answer some of your questions;

– Should I buy my own shirts? No. Leave the supply of shirts to us. Why? Because not only do we have exclusive industry rates through our suppliers, but by knowing the shirts we print on, we can also control and maintain print quality to the highest standards.

– I’m only needing a couple of shirts for now, do you guys have a minimum? Good question. We have a minimum of 20 prints per design here at Screenlab.
Screen printing still requires totally manual work for the setting up of each job, therefore on small print runs we tend to spend more time setting up than actually printing. So please don’t be alarmed at quotes on small runs that may seem extraordinary.

– So what determines the price? Costs are generally determined by these three variables: 1. Quantity, the more the better. 2. Colours. We need to set-up a screen for each colour, which means the more colours in your print… You guessed it, the more its going to cost. 3. Positions, Same thing here.
Basically, if you’re wanting a 6 colour print on the front, back and both sleeves on only 20 t-shirts, the dollars are really going to start climbing. So its these situations where you may want to sacrifice a couple of print positions and perhaps see if you can reduce the colours in the print.

– What if I don’t have high quality artwork? You’ve got a couple of options here. We can re-draw and convert your image to a vector format and dependent on the complexity, this will incur a minimum charge of $45. The other option is you ask one of your graphic designer friends to do you a favour!

Other things to consider that may incur extra charges: Colour changes (Ie. Black ink on white t-shirts and also white ink on black t-shirts), Photographic images or artwork that has the use of gradients and different shades of colours, specialty inks such as metallics and also custom colour mixing.


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