Quality Embroidery Gold Coast

embroidery-machine-hatSometimes, amongst all the t-shirts, you may prefer to have a a few polo’s or hats embroidered as well. We can help.

We are a screen-printing workshop on the Gold Coast that specialises in printing high-quality artwork and embroidery onto various items that include workwear, singlets, hoodies, t-shirts, caps and much more.

We work closely with our Gold Coast embroidery friends to help streamline this process for you so you can get all your goods at once. Hassle free.

We offer a personalised service to our customers that results in a quick turnaround and outstanding results.


Embroidery Services

With the use of computerised and modern embroidery machines, We offer a method to embroid logos to superior standards on many varying products. Embroidery is nowadays used as an alternative type of promotional method when it comes to printing. The process involves artworks that are first created and then filled using stitched threads in the colors that the customer chooses.

When deciding on printing or embroidery service, we welcome you to email us and ask for a quote. The information in the email should include quantities, details of the project and any questions that you may have.


How Does Embroidery Work?

The process involving embroidery typically consists of the following steps:


The digitising process involving artwork is typically a once-off process. It will require clean artwork for the starting point. Decals, letterheads or business cards can be used for this artwork. However, computer-generated graphics like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw or photos with a high-resolution will offer the highest quality in the finished embroidery product.


We accept small and large volume production runs and have a specialty for custom artwork that is screen printed using dedication and attention-to-detail. Our service reflects in how proud we are of our workmanship. Screenlab is conveniently based on the Gold Coast but we maintain areas all across Australia through our convenient online ordering option. Also, we offer a nationwide delivery-service.

One of the main contributing factors that relate to our screen printing workshop is our dedicated passion in turning the ideas of our customers into a positive reality using the art of embroidery and screen-printing. Being a small business ourselves, we offer innovative approaches to a superior grade service for every project we work on.

With each job, there will always be specific aspects to consider such as colors and quantities. Here at Screenlab, we will always work closely with our customers to offer an economical-price that will meet up with the requirements of the project.

As you can see, we offer a user-friendly website that allows you to view all of our services and to place orders. However, for those clients that have the desire to meet the production team in person for their particular project, we ask that the you set an appointment time, as workshop visits have an impact on slowing down our production time.

We can also apply heat pressed vinyl which is predominately used for sport numbers.

If you’re just after our Screen Printing services, click here!

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